Red Clover Reader

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Maria @ Red Clover Reader. Red Clover is an organization focused on diverse children’s literature, which I think is great. It can help readers get exposed to works they might otherwise miss. What’s more, it’s free to sign up and read books online. In any case, I … More Red Clover Reader

A Tale of Two Cookies

I’m excited to announce that I have released my fifth book, which happens to be my third children’s book. It’s called A Tale of Two Cookies, and is a rhyming book written for infants, toddlers, and early readers. It’s about two cookies essentially battling for supremacy. What inspired me to write this book — one that is … More A Tale of Two Cookies

Wali’s World Tour

My fourth book, and second children’s book, was released in February 2018. It’s titled Wali’s World Tour. I wrote this for kids aged eight to 12, but I think even adults will enjoy it. Wali’s World Tour takes the reader on a world trip with a boy named Wali and his parents. They visit Mexico, Switzerland, … More Wali’s World Tour

Three Easy Steps to Write and Publish Your Own Book!

Have you ever dreamed of writing and publishing your own book? Intimidated by the process and/or not sure where to start? Well, with various self-publishing services now available, you can publish your very own book at little to no cost thanks to what’s called print-on-demand (POD). I decided to write a book because I had … More Three Easy Steps to Write and Publish Your Own Book!


Hey, I wrote a book! I’ve written a number of articles in the past on various topics, but wasn’t sure if I could ever write a complete book. It was a goal of mine since undergrad, and I finally accomplished it in November 2016 with my first book, Open the Door to a Wealthier Life. On … More Welcome