If You Give Thanks, I Will Give You More: Gratitude Journal

I’m pleased to announce that my new gratitude journal is now available on Amazon! Did you know that gratitude journaling can improve your mood, help you build stronger relationships, and even strengthen your immune system? This journal has enough entry boxes for you to record a year’s worth of gratitude entries. What’s more, you’ll find … More If You Give Thanks, I Will Give You More: Gratitude Journal

Remember Me, and I Will Remember You – Quran Journal

I’m pleased to announce that my first hardcover has now launched. It’s a Quran journal with 150 lined pages. Each page has a selected passage from the Quran, offering inspiration, advice, hope, and words of comfort. This journal can be used as a Quran study notebook, as a gratitude journal, for writing exercises where the … More Remember Me, and I Will Remember You – Quran Journal

Halal Wealth

I’m pleased to announce that my new book, Halal Wealth, is now available. My goal with this book was to explain investing in a simple way, with a primary focus on teaching readers how to invest in a manner that’s in line with Islamic principles (i.e. avoiding interest and speculative investments). It’s a quick read … More Halal Wealth

Cars Go Vroom!

I’m pleased to announce the release of my new children’s book, Cars Go Vroom! It’s a rhyming book for toddlers centered around cars, but also includes a subtle message about diversity. The illustrations were done by me. A book like this is great for parent-child bonding time, and short enough that it will keep your … More Cars Go Vroom!

Red Clover Reader

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Maria @ Red Clover Reader. Red Clover is an organization focused on diverse children’s literature, which I think is great. It can help readers get exposed to works they might otherwise miss. What’s more, it’s free to sign up and read books online. In any case, I … More Red Clover Reader

A Tale of Two Cookies

I’m excited to announce that I have released my fifth book, which happens to be my third children’s book. It’s called A Tale of Two Cookies, and is a rhyming book written for infants, toddlers, and early readers. It’s about two cookies essentially battling for supremacy. What inspired me to write this book — one that is … More A Tale of Two Cookies

Wali’s World Tour

My fourth book, and second children’s book, was released in February 2018. It’s titled Wali’s World Tour. I wrote this for kids aged eight to 12, but I think even adults will enjoy it. Wali’s World Tour takes the reader on a world trip with a boy named Wali and his parents. They visit Mexico, Switzerland, … More Wali’s World Tour