Taking a Stand Against Bullying

I was recently asked to speak at an event for the ICNA Council for Social Justice. This was a great opportunity and I’m thankful for having been a part of it. Not only was it a good challenge and experience having to give a presentation to a group of strangers, but bullying happens to be a very important topic. Plus, I got to share my book Bilal and the Big Bully.

In the presentation, I defined bullying, discussed the causes & effects, and shared some tips on how to deal with the issue. Bullying has been around for ages, but it’s something we need to continue addressing. We shouldn’t write it off as “kids just being kids”, as bullying can have long-lasting and devastating impacts on a child’s life.

We should teach our children to respect others regardless of differences, while also respecting themselves. We should also encourage our kids to tell us about what’s going on in school and to speak up if they experience or witness bullying. Nothing will change if they don’t speak up.

To learn more, check out the resources at this link.


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