Wali’s World Tour

My fourth book, and second children’s book, was released in February 2018. It’s titled Wali’s World Tour. I wrote this for kids aged eight to 12, but I think even adults will enjoy it.

Wali’s World Tour takes the reader on a world trip with a boy named Wali and his parents. They visit Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, and a host of other countries. They learn fun facts during this trip, some words and phrases in foreign languages, and get to try some new types of food. What’s more, Wali gains a greater appreciation for the world and is excited to travel even more as he grows up.

My reasons for writing this book are a few. For one, I wanted to share the beauty of the world with others. My family didn’t really travel at all when I was younger, so I would have liked to read a book like this. I find the imaginary tag-along to be fun, as it’s somewhat of a mental escape. Additionally, I wanted to instill in kids a sense of adventure, a curiosity about the world and its diversity, and teach some cool facts along the way.

Between immigration and relocation for work or other reasons, we’re going to encounter people who are different from ourselves. Rather than look at others with fear or suspicion, I wanted to emphasize through this book that in many ways we are all the same. Besides, the differences in cultures — especially when it comes to cuisine, according to my tongue — makes the world so much more interesting.

Sound like a book you’d be interested in? Please check it out on Amazon.

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