Bilal and the Big Bully

In August 2017 I introduced my third book, and very first children’s book. I never really intended to write a fiction book, but someone in my Toastmasters club suggested I write a children’s book. I went home and thought about it that day, and in a week I had a rough draft down. I was happy with how the story was developing, so I decided to go ahead with it. Besides, I like a good challenge.

Bilal and the Big Bully is about a boy who is starting at a new school, one in which there happens to be a rather large bully who likes eating a bite of other kids’ lunches. The main character is of a minority background because I wanted to add some diversity to the world of children’s literature.

Furthermore, I figured I would write not just a fun story, but one that could help make a difference. Bullying is an issue that has been around since forever, give or take. The story illustrates how Bilal dealt with the bully. It also allows the bully to speak and give his side of the story, as I want to encourage those in charge of disciplinary action to dig for the root cause.

I believe that educators could utilize Bilal and the Big Bully as a teaching tool when discussing lessons on bullying, diversity, and respect. If this book sounds of interest to you, please check it out on Amazon.

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